What is Liver?


Our changing lifestyle is giving hard time for our body to cope up with. Our body goes through lot of wear and tear. So it is necessary to take care of our body and to know how our body, which is the best and most complicated machine in this world, works. When we know our body parts and their functioning and how to take care of it then it becomes easier to go with your life and lead it in a healthy way, because precaution is better than cure. 

Our most known and still ignored part of the body is liver. We take care to control cholesterol and weight to avoid heart diseases but how much we know about our liver? How its function or what it does?

Liver is the meaty, big part in our upper right abdomen caged by our ribs.

Like our heart pumps the blood and purifies it, our liver detoxifies and metabolizes chemicals and drugs.  When we take medicines all components in it are not acceptable in our body so some potentially toxic byproducts, liver removes from our body.

Liver also breaks down nutrients from our food to get energy for our body when it’s needed. It also controls our immunity by removing unwanted bacteria from blood while fighting injection.

Our body needs to clot blood sometimes. Remember the times when you cut your hand and it bleeds, but after sometime you see dry blood at that cut place which stops bleeding. Fluids requires for blood clotting produces by liver.

It produces bile, a substance which is needed for fat digestion and to absorb vitamin A, D, E and K. it secrets this bile when food reaches in the first part in the small intestine. This bile is stored in the gallbladder. So liver also plays a part in the digestion process.

We know that all proteins that body needs, body itself cannot produce. But our liver produces most of the proteins needed for the body. And it also prevents storages of nutrients, indeed it stores vitamins, minerals and sugar which works when our body needs lot of energy.

This lot of functions our liver does for our body so it becomes important organ.

Liver keeps our body detoxed and pure. It nearly helps every other organ in our body to do their functions properly. Without a healthy liver a person cannot survive.  It is the only organ in our body which has the capacity to recover by itself. So when someone donates their part of the liver they can survive and after sometime their liver grows back in full volume like it was before and the patient who have liver transplantation can also recover very fast as the part which is borrowed from the other person gets merged in the body and it grows as it was before.

Some common liver diseases are Hepatitis A,B, C, D, E which are viral and sexually transmitted and other diseases like fatty liver, cirrhosis because of the over alcohol consumption. 


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