What is Liver Transplant?

We all know that liver is a very essential organ in our body, which supports almost all other organs to function smoothly. This is so important organ we ignore and we notice its malfunctioning when we suffer from some disease or illness. We all know science has so much developed now that we can transplant our body organs so the person can live longer. Some transplantation failed and some gets successful. Here in this article we will get to know about the liver transplantation.

Do you know the fact that in our whole body liver is the only organ which has capacity to recover by itself? That is why liver transplantation becomes possible.  In a simple way liver transplantation is when our liver fails to do its duties (liver failure). The liver failure happens suddenly because of hepatitis A, B, C, D, E or cirrhosis or fatty liver, long term infection from jaundice, alcoholism, liver cancer etc. This liver failure is sudden or it can be a long term course.  Then someone who is our family member or a person whose liver matches to our liver donates their part of the liver or from organ donor who has recently died gets transplanted through surgery.

There are two ways of transplantations where part of the liver from one person replaced into patient’s body or the liver which have match from a brain dead person replaced into patient’s body.

Our family members like siblings, parents, children, spouses or a donor can donate liver but there are conditions to donate liver for transplantation. They are as follows

successThe person should be healthy

successDonor should have the blood type that matches with the patient. But now days some centers perform blood group incompatible transplant with immune suppression protocols which is some technique where incompatible donor’s liver also can be transplanted within patient’s body without any      harm.

successThat person should not expect money. He should remember that he is donating his liver and not selling it. That is only called donation right? Without expecting money.

successDonor’s age should be between 18 to 60 years

successLiver size of the donor should be bigger or in similar size of the recipient’s.

successBefore donating a liver doctors should go through intense testing of that person for any diseases. So that there is confirmation of donor is fit and safe to transplant his liver.

This liver transplantation process takes around 3-4 Weeks. The Pre-Transplant Investigations itself takes 4-5 days.

There are more numbers of Liver transplantations required than availability of Deceased Liver, so doctors prefer to transplant available liver to most critical patients who have sudden liver failure. You cannot live more than 2- 3 days without liver. Some people get matched liver within no days and so have to wait for  long.

Patient whose part of liver got donated can lead a normal life after the recovery of the injury while donating. There are only 0.5 to 1.0% of chances of dying while donating liver.



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