Indian Government Organ Transplant Registries.

National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization. (NOTTO)

National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) is a National level organization set up under

Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. It is an

umbrella body for regulating policies related to Transplant and Storage of Human Organs(Kidney, Liver, Cornea,

Heart, Pancreas, Skin Graft etc) and Tissues.


4th Floor, National Institute of Pathology,

NIOP Building,

Safdarjung Hospital Campus

New Delhi-110029.

National Organ Transplant Program.

State Level Organ Transplant Registries

Andhra Pradesh Organ Transplant Registry

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has cleared a new comprehensive scheme "Jeevandan"

proposed by the Cadaver Transplantation Advisory Committee (CTAC) to give a fillip to organ

transplantation. The Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences has been designated as the Appropriate

Authority for Cadaver Transplantation (AACT).

A large number of patients suffering from irreversible organ ailments involving heart, liver, pancreas

and kidney could lead a healthy life if they had the opportunity to undergo transplant surgery.

Considering the ethical issues surrounding live and deceased donor organ donation, the

government-constituted committee came out with recommendations for streamlining procedures

for cadaver transplantation in registered hospitals

Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences

Gunadala, Vijayawada

Andhra Pradesh - India

Arunachal Pradesh Organ Transplant Registry

Bihar State Organ Transplant Registry Human-Organs- Rules-2014.pdf

Chhattisgarh State Organ Transplant Registry

Delhi State Deceased Organ Retrevial Sharing Organization

This is an autonomous and recognized agency for the Delhi State Deceased Organ

Retrieval Transplant Authority. It has a specific role to monitor, evaluate, appraise and

disseminate to the Delhi State Health Department on the periodic status of

implementation of the cadaver program.

Deceased patients diagnosed as brain dead account for approximately 10% of intensive

care unit deaths, which can be a strong referral source for potential donors. Brain death

is an irreversible condition that can occur as a result of trauma or intracranial bleeds,

which is the basis of a deceased heart beating donation program. Clinically, this is

characterized by loss of consciousness, spontaneous breathing and absence of reflexes

in the brain stem region of the brain.

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences

D-1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 

Goa State Organ Transplant Registry

Gujarat State Organ Transplant Registry

Haryana State Organ Transplant Registry

Himachal Pradesh Organ Transplant Registry

Jammu & Kashmir Organ Transplant Registry

Jharkhand Organ Transplant Registry

The Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation

The Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation has been constituted by the Government of

Karnataka (Government Order No. 264 PTD dated, 13th April 2004) for a sustained cadaveric transplantation

programme in the state of . ZCCK is the body appointed to oversee the implementation of the Transplantation of

Human Organs Act of 1994. The Organization aims to coordinate the cadaveric transplantation activities and also

educate the public on organ donation.

Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka (ZCCK)


Hosur Road,

Bangalore - 560 029


Kerala State Transplant Authority.

A  Kerala Government Initiative, The Online Transplant Registry maintain records of patients on

waiting list for Kidney, Liver, Heart and Pancreas transplants in the state, The programme was

initiated as a large number of patients suffers from an account of irreversible organ ailments

involving Heart, Liver, Pancreas and kidney. The programme aims at giving such vulnerable

individual an opportunity to have a transplant surgery and lead a healthy life. Moreover,

considering the ethical issues surrounding the live and deceased organ transplantation,

Government felt the need to streamline the procedures for deceased donor Multi organ

transplantation (DDMOT) in the State.

Maharashtra State Transplant Registry

ZTCC is a not-for- profit, government organization started to promote organ donation in 2000 in

Mumbai. ZTCC is an organization impart with international standards with following main aims.

1. To promote cadaver transplant.

2. Optimal use of all cadaveric available organs.

3. To reach out to every needy waiting recipient with fair distribution of organs as per

government guidelines.

ZTCC was formed as a coordinating agency for Mumbai and suburbs in 2001, as per the Maharashtra

State Guidelines issued for cadaver Organ Transplant in 1999.It is registered under the Charity

Commissioner’s Office.

Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre,

L.T.M.G Hospital,

2nd Floor, New College Building,

Beside Medical Store,

Sion (West),

Mumbai – 400022

Madhya Pradesh Organ Transplant Registry.

Manipur Organ Transplant Registry

Meghalaya Organ Transplant Registry

Mizoram Organ Transplant Registry

Nagaland Organ Transplant Registry

Odisha Organ Transplant Registry

Punjab Organ Transplant Registry

Rajsthan Organ Sharing Registry.

The Online Transplant Registry maintain records of patients on waiting list for Kidney, Liver or

Heart transplants in the state of Rajasthan. It is designed to fulfill the requirements of a series

of Government Orders issued by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

Sikkimn Organ Sharing Registry.

Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu.


1045/46, 1st Floor,

Tamil Nadu Government Multi Super Specialty Hospital,

Omandurar Government Estate,

Opposite to “The Hindu” Office,

Anna Salai, Chennai – 600 002

Tamil Nadu - India

Tamil Nadu Organ Sharing Registry.

165 A, Tower Block I, 6th Floor,

Government General Hospital

Chennai – 600 003

Tamil Nadu - India

Telangana State Organ Transplant Registry.

Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences

Punjagutta Hyderabad

Telangana - India

Tripura State Organ Transplant Registry.

Uttrakhand Organ Transplant Registry.

West Bengal State Organ Transplant Registry.