Dr. M.R Rajasekar

Pioneer in liver transplantation Dr. M.R Rajasekar has honored to perform the First Successful Liver Transplant in India. He is a multi Organ Transplant Surgeon skilled in kidney transplantation, laparoscopic surgery, pancreas transplantation, complex hepatic- pancreaticobiliary surgery and liver transplantation in adults and kids.

With the experience of performing more than 700 liver transplantations in India and abroad, he is also proficient in transperitoneal laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and has more than 200 surgeries to his credit. He has also received the Dr. U.Mohan Rao prize for the best student during his MS tenure from the University of Madras. 

Dr. Rajasekar obtained his FRCS degree from one of the best Colleges in the world, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. During his period of 10 years in the UK, he received the special training in Organ Transplantation, Laparoscopic Surgery, and Vascular Surgery.

He appointed as a lecturer in the surgery the University of Newcastle and Leeds. His passion about the liver related problems from undergraduate days at Madras Medical College, Chennai was noticed by his prof Thomas Starzl (father of liver transplantation). The interest in the field took him to Britain and that passion of bringing the life-saving technique to millions in India evoked him to give up the profitable offers in the US. His major contributions in the field not only proved that the complex surgeries are feasible, but they are also quite affordable.

Today, India is leading in this field in the whole South East Asia. He has also carried out the scientific research in the area of liver transplantation aiming to avoid toxic immunosuppresent medications after those complex kidney and liver transplants. Not only this, his desire in this field has given Chennai “The Global Organ Transplant Centre” with superior infrastructure and a reputed team. The one and the only aim of Dr. Rajasekar is to make transplantation affordable to all. This center offers liver, pancreas, kidney transplants at budget prices in the whole of Asia.

He is relocated to Chennai to lead the center for digestive surgery and abdominal organ transplants. He is director and professor at the India’s largest private University Hospital - Sri Ramchandra Medical Centre and University.

This new center is well equipped with advanced facility and techniques to carry out the digestive surgery and transplantations. Apart from excellent service this center also offers affordable treatment as compared to other centers in the country.

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liver-512He has completed his MBBS from the University of Madras

liver-512He owned the MS from the University of Madras

liver-512Dr. Rajasekar has completed FRCS from Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburg

liver-512Kidney Transplantation

liver-512Vascular Surgery

liver-512Laparoscopic Surgery


prize-badge-with-star-and-ribbon Awards and Achievements


liver-512He established the nation’s first Liver transplant program at Delhi in 1996

liver-512In the year 1998, Dr. Rajasekar has carried out the country’s first successful pediatric living donor liver transplant and adult cadaver liver transplant

liver-512In addition to this, he has also performed the first intercity transfer of a cadaver liver from Chennai to Delhi
liver-512His achievements list also includes his first successful combined liver and kidney transplant in one patient.
liver-512Dr. Rajasekar is also famous in Pakistan, as he carried out the first successful liver transplant in a child from Pakistan

He has also trained numerous of career transplant surgeons who are in abroad and India as well. 

Publications -

liver-512He has some scientific publications in International Journal to his credit.